Erotic backs, alright


Starting on Monday, thousands of university students in Hong Kong have been gathering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tamar Park (outside the government offices) to protest the National People Congress (NPC) of China’s decision to restrict the right to vote…


SouAi ruined me…haha….looks away…

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Anonymous asked: Sasuke makes a perfect bottom..


my new oc souske, a cute japanese boy 

banchanfanfic asked: What do you do to avoid your characters looking "stiff"? I seem to be having this problem in my drawing.

i’m not that good at explaining stuff but i will do what i can, if you are having problems with your drawings looking stiff can be the lack of anatomy knowledge or drawing hard lines 

Try doing very loose sketches of forms and getting the action of the figure down before actually drawing the details. Look at pictures of people and find what way their body is tilting, how gravity is pulling them, and draw gestures of that.

Get someone to pose for you, and do gesture drawings, draw swiftly and don’t pause to think. Just draw what you see, and try to feel what each pose conveys

you can try drawing with your whole body because using just the wrist and hand is quite stiff. Try to keep your wrist absolutely straight and draw long sweeping curves with your whole arm, and then draw a figure based on those.

i hope that helped you a little, try to draw everyday like i do, i learned that just by drawing everyday i got better at anatomy, poses and angles.



If you haven’t heard about this yet, last night the BBC aired a powerful documentary called Blurred Lines that explored casual misogyny online and rape culture.

I urge EVERYONE to watch it and spread it like fire because it gives real insight into the topic and has inspired both men and women to go to Twitter and had #blurredlines trending for 12 hours on Twitter after it aired.

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here (x)

(I genuinely don’t know if those outside the UK can view, so please let me know!)

It includes video footage from the Steubenville cases, it takes a look at the treatment of women in GTA, lads mags and rape jokes, the unapologetic nature of those who perpetrate rape culture etc.

One of the more interesting points of the documentary are the men who oppose rape culture and those that don’t and the societal differences between them.

After you view it please share your views, both on Tumblr and any other social media platforms you have. It’d be great if this abuse against women documentary were the first searches people came across when they search for Blurred lines.

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here (x)

For those outside the UK: there’s a nice browser extension called Hola with which you can watch this.